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The college recruiting process is a 2 sided coin.

- Side 1 is the “exposure” side.  This involves college coaches seeing & evaluating the players.  This has become increasingly easier in the wake of the ever growing list of showcases, tournaments, camps, clinics and of course College Recruiting Videos.  Many of the top Travel Baseball Organizations & JUCO’s partner with us to handle videos for their entire organization.  Video is used as part of the communication process.  Much like a resume is used in a job search.

  1. -Side 2 involves the players evaluating the Colleges themselves.  What good is it if “XYZ University” likes a player if that college is not the best fit for the player?  A major issue is getting the players on enough of a variety of colleges in order for them to truly know what is their best fit.  That is why we now run our College Bus Tours.  The college choice is a huge life decision & an incredible financial investment.  In our opinion, we think this life decision deserves major research.  Our College Bus Tours are exactly that, Research Trips!

We were blown away by the story NBC12 did on our College Bus Tours this summer.

See the story...

“College bus tours offer rapid-fire look at colleges for baseball players”

We were lucky enough to have Jack Warren of Top Coach Podcast join us this summer on the VA College Bus Tour.  Here is our recap of the experience which includes great info why someone may want to join us on a future tour.